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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sarah FergusonSarah Ferguson
I Passed 1ST Time
I've always wanted to drive but never found the time or the money to do it when i was younger, so I decided that I wanted to do an Intensive Course to learn quicker. I done a quick Google search and found Dave. I contacted Dave via email to enquire about a course and he quickly came back to me with the information needed and it was booked in as a Semi Intensive Course. I've never had any driving experience in the past so I was a complete beginner and needed to learn from scratch. Straight away on our first lesson I felt at ease with Dave as he was so easy to get along with. Right away I was starting to build my confidence as he would always give clear instructions and would never make you feel bad for any mistakes you make. Dave is an absolute fantastic instructor and even a nicer person. In just 2 weeks with Dave's expertise I passed my Driving Test 1st time from being a beginner. I honestly cant recommend Dave enough so whether your looking for an Intensive Course or normal lessons, Dave is 100% the person to go to, he will certainly get you where you want to be. Thank you so much again Dave , you've been excellent and an absolute star. Sarah.

Passed 1st time
A week ago i have passed my driving test, first time with 2 minor faults, after deciding to embark on a mid-intensive driving course with LDC, under Dave's coaching. I have previously taken weekly driving lessons which have shaped me into a very nervous driver learner, having an acute fear of roundabouts, junctions and just lacking the ability to keep calm whilst behind the wheel. With Dave's continuous support, guidance and the knowledge he has passed onto me, i have managed to not only overcome my fear but also become a confident driver.

I cannot recommend Dave enough, words really fail me, however if you are looking for an absolutely fantastic and professional driving instructor, Dave is the one for you. He will work with you every step of the way, his coaching is second to none with a huge emphasis on road safety which is ever so important in this day and age. The lessons are enjoyable, stress free, full of very useful tips and information. Alongside the time you spend in the car, Dave will also provide you with the LDC book and DVD which again are very well structured, easy to follow and great companions during your learning to drive journey.

Thank you Dave for the immense and endless patience you have shown me. It has been a great experience, one that gave me the ability to have some freedom.

Passed 1st time
1st time pass, 3 months ago i felt that this would be impossible as i previously had 2 other instructors which didn’t suite me and i had wasted 2 weeks with them therefore i was really unsure about my driving test and being behind the steering wheel. Luckily i was able to find Dave on google, called him booked a lesson and everything was smooth he was always on time for lessons he was flexible about where the lessons would start and finish and i really thank him for that as i changed locations quite often. I really enjoyed my time with Dave as he always stayed calm even in tricky situations, when i had a question about the driving test or driving in it self Dave was always able to answer it and fully explain it.

I feel that the LDC workbook worked well for me as it had everything what i needed like all instructions how to carry out a test standard parallel park which at the start i had a problem with but after reading through all the instructions and practicing with Dave a couple times i was able to master it at the end. The LDC book also helped me to prepare for the test as it had all the “show me, tell me” questions in it. Another good thing that i found that helped me were the LDC diagrams that Dave had in his car that showed different road types such as mini roundabouts and T-junctions, it helped me because Dave was able to explain to me using theses diagrams how to safely emerge from a T-junction by showing me how much space i need between cars so that i can perform this manoeuvre safely.

I would highly encourage other learners to try Dave out as a driving instructor as they will not regret it. I would like to thank Dave for his professionalism, patients and his positive attitude towards me which meant that i was able to pass 1st time. Thanks Dave

Just wanted to share my experience with Dave @ LDC Driving School

I've been trying to learn how to drive for a long time......I actually had to renew my provisional license! After moving around alot and trying to learn how to drive I had almost given up.

I decided to look into an intensive course in the Borders area and LDC came up on my Google search so I contacted the number online for my area

The website was great it gave me all the information about the course they offer and who your instructor was for that area. I didn't hesitate to get in touch with Dave and discuss things further. He gave me all the information about semi intensive and intensive courses and very quickly had me book my first lesson to assess my skill level.

After my first lesson with Dave he had already taken me further than where I'd been after 4 lessons with a previous instructor in the area so this immediately gave me the confidence I needed to push forward

On my next lesson I purchased my Workbook and DVD to start going through the semi intensive route with Dave. These tools are great for students who need that little bit extra before getting into the car every time. What I will say though is your in charge and you need to own organising the time to study before your lessons and listen to Dave if he wants you to study up on a certain area as this will be your next lesson so it works hand in hand.

Without the book and DVD Dave is still a fantastic driving instructor. He has alot of experience and has been the best instructor I've had over all the years I've been trying to pass (20 years)!! He is very patient and never loses faith in your ability to progress. He will always push you forward every lesson if you're learning fast so every lesson I had I would learn new skills and perfect the ones I had already practiced. He would always praise anything I done well which made me realise I was a good driver sooner than what I thought. If I had any issues we would always talk things through and he is very good at explaining things

Always very professional and on time. Communicated through text or calls which I found easy to manage and will always do his best to fit you in around his very busy schedule. Dave never let me down and I always knew I could rely on him.

Dave sorted my test date and made sure we had plenty time before hand to get lessons in and practice which put my mind at ease.

On my test day Dave was very good at keeping me calm beforehand going over things with me to make sure I was comfortable with all the aspects of the test. The book and DVD includes everything aswell.....and quite spookily some of the stuff was word for word how Dave would explain it so I feel this helped me loads as it was never one way in the book and a different way out on the road

Whilst driving during my test I could hear Daves voice in my head willing me around how to do things correctly and that is a sign of a great teacher.

I can't thank Dave enough for supporting me through the whole process from start to finish - He is an amazing driving instructor and LDC are very lucky to have him!!

I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who is looking to pass their driving test.

Debbie FinnertyDebbie Finnerty
i would highly recommend Dave and the LDC System. Dave is an EXCELLENT instructor, very calm and patient. He always took the time to explain things, often explaining multiple times! Dave always went out of his way to help me out often fitting me in last thing in the evening and straight after his holidays! The LDC System was a great way to learn it broke things down simply and with the DVD it made it easy fro me. I loved that you can see your progress online and could see what I neeeded to work on. On my Test day Dave was great and realy helped calm my nerves. I cant have been an easy pupil to teach , so thanks for putting up with me Dave you are a star. Take care and I wish you and Ann all the best now go and enjoy your motorhome.

Mark KaliMark Kali
After only learning the basic of driving with family members, Dave took me from an absolute novice to a competent driver ready to pass my test in just a 1 WEEKS INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSE. I found the LDC Driving Skills Workbook and DVD very helpful but I must say it was Dave's patience, brilliant instruction and hard work that made me achieve this fantastic result in a WEEK. Thanks again Dave & LDC. Kind Regards, Mark.

Bronwen EdwardsBronwen Edwards
After failing my first test and not driving for months I was nervous to start again, but Dave was patient and made me want to improve my skills. I was determined to pass the second time around and with Dave's help I passed with flying colours and with one minor. The LDC Teaching System was a lot different to what I had been previously taught but I felt it was easier to understand and honestly made my lessons a lot calmer. If I had known about LDC to begin with then they would definitely have been my first choice. Thank you Dave!

Ashley DickieAshley Dickie
Passed 1st time
After the patience and excellent guidance from Dave. I passed on my first attempt. I believe without the excellent tuition from Dave along with the LDC Workbook, it would not have been possible. The workbook, was clear and easy to understand, and Dave was always calm and explained every step clearly. I can't recommend Dave or LDC enough, to anyone that listens. Thanks Dave! Thanks LDC!

Mairi ChisholmMairi Chisholm
Two Week Intensive Mid-Way Past Course
Before completing the Mid-Way Pass Course I had a three year gap without driving but with the course being intensive I re-learned everything quickly and had plenty of time to refine anything I was unsure of, this meant I felt very well prepared for my test. I also found the LDC system of teaching to be very effective, for example their system for parallel parking will allow you to consistently park any car safely. Most importantly, I really enjoyed my lessons with Dave and I now love driving, something which I didn’t think was possible prior to the course.

Pass Plus
I would definitely recommend taking the time to do pass plus, I found that completing it increased my confidence. I gained essential dual-carriage way and motorway experience and improved my knowledge on how to safely drive in different weather conditions and on country roads.

Thurston HodgeThurston Hodge
Passed 1st time
From complete beginner to pass in under four weeks. Sounds impossible but thanks to Dave and the LDC material it was achieved with ease. Not once was Dave's critique harsh or knocked me down but made me want to improve and I did so. The Driving Skills Workbook was easy to follow (and I will continue to use it). The website was clear and concise especially for the theory test. I couldn't recommend Dave more, and if I ever get asked or overhear someone talking, I'll be right in to pass on the details. Thanks Dave!!